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Read online or Download Change Your Brain, Change Your Body: Use Your Brain to Get and Keep the Body You Have Always Wanted (Full PDF ebook with essay, research paper)
by Daniel G. Amen

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THE KEY TO A BETTER BODY—in shape, energized, and youthful—is a healthy brain. Based on the latest medical research, as well as on Dr. Amen’s two decades of clinical practice at the re­nowned Amen Clinics, where Dr. Amen and his as­sociates pioneered the use of the most advanced brain imaging technology, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body shows you how to take the very best care of your brain.

With fifteen practical, easy-to-implement solutions involving nutritious foods, natural supplements and vitamins, positive-thinking habits, and, when necesВ­sary, highly targeted medications, Dr. Amen shows you how to:

* Reach and maintain your ideal weight
* Soothe and smooth your skin at any age
* Reduce the stress that can impair your immune system
* Sharpen your memory
* Increase willpower and eliminate the cravВ­ings that keep you from achieving your exercise and diet goals
* Enhance sexual desire and performance
* Lower your blood pressure without medication
* Avoid depression and elevate the enjoyment you take in life’s pleasures.

Whether you’re just coming to realize that it’s time to get your body into shape, or are already fit and want to take it to the next level, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body is all you need to start putting the power of the brain-body connection to work for you today.


Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Prolific self-help author Amen (24 titles and counting) is a neuroscientist and psychiatrist who's found self-help success with a lively, populist style. In his follow-up to bestseller Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, he jokes that "most people care more about their face, their boobs, their bellies, and their butts" than their brains, but makes the serious point that "it's your brain that decides" whether you overeat or starve yourself, exercise or vegetate. Using 21 brain-scan images ("Since 1991, the four Amen Clinics have performed 54,000 brain scans" to diagnose patients), Amen illustrates the importance of a healthy lifestyle for proper brain function. Contrasting "brain robbers," including alcohol, smoking, and stress, with "brain enhancers," Amen discusses the immediate and long-term benefits of (among other techniques) physical activity, balanced eating, and natural medicines, benefits which include relief from depression, ADD and other psychic ills commonly treated with prescription drugs (though he doesn't rule out pharmaceuticals as a backup method of treatment). Using clear explanation and anecdotes from his work, Amen presents an interesting slant on a well-worked topic, despite a heavy sales pitch for his own line of supplements.
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